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Postcards (on sale)

Postcards (on sale)

I have a whole bunch of artwork on postcards for you...
Two sets a 8 cards, while the first one are standard postcard size (appx. 10x15cm) the second collection of 8 cards comes in panorama size (appx. 10x21cm).
Additionally there are two Landart cards from France with a smiling and a yin yang sunflower.

Bellow is a album with all cards, of course the front side of the cards don't have a watermark. The backside got a slight transparent print of the front...
The cards are available from the shop in following bundles:

Prices been adjusted for the fall season in addition to keep it simple I cover the shipping for all post cards to anywhere on our beautiful Planet...

Your appreciation keeps this work going ~ THANK YOU ♥