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Forest Fairy Castle

Forest Fairy Castle

I love this little jungle stream, behind every corner a new breath taking scenery, full of falls and overgrown by moos and ferns. Plenty of frogs, shrimps, crabs and lizards as well as dragon- and butterflies. Even a monkey came by wondering whats going on, he observed me for quite a while. By all this life I am sure snakes can't be far, I been looking out for the green bamboo viper, an dangerous but passive resident of those forests, I would love to meet again in a peaceful way for sure ;)

It turns out that this installation will be this years contribution to Earth Day . It was my plan to build a Gaia Inukshuk as I usually do on this day, but location and available materials lead to this creation.

My thoughts for this years Earth Day...
Gaia (Earth) is our home, we live here, we are part of it. For long time we humans had to survive and compete with Nature. We reached a level where humans became so superior that we only need to fear our self and some harsh natural phenomena. Even illness is mostly homemade danger, as many things we get sick of are related to wrong diet and lifestyle.
If you think, isn't it crazy that we managed to create complex languages and now devices we can communicate from any place on Earth to another but fail to get it sorted out to share as we teach our children.
We got all we need to create Eden, but we stand in our own way reaching it. We actually do pretty much the opposite, when I just mentioned we teach our children to share that this is often applied to family or interest group only otherwise and especially at school we been conditioned to compete.
The result is that we build houses with walls and fences around because we afraid others will take what we declared be ours. We own weapons not anymore to hunt or protect from predators but from each and another.
NOW think of this, we believe in scarcity which creates competition but I believe this should by investigated very carefully. I doubt it, I think there is enough for every body which means we don't need weapons, armies, walls and fences anymore!
Right now we use immense amount of energy and resources to protect the rest from one and another, this is big as it even includes every wall fence or lock we use. Think of all the war technologies, from any gun to massive investments like aircraft carrier and what keeps them run. Think of any soldier and scientist who work in this field, how many of hours thinking power is wasted to destructive weaponry instead of creating something beneficial for us??? This people would may have invented greener energy sources, better health or education, waste solutions, wow the list of our real problems is endless, how came we still wast so much for the problem which is easiest to solve, make peace and unite!!!!
This would release so much resources and reduce all kind of stress. The impact on humans would by beyond our imagination, lets do it create paradise NOW!

My friend Bowen showed me this secret place on Formosa's East-Coast. Certainly a magic place! Good time to realise a idea I had a while a go, to build a stone castle.

I spend the last 5 days many hours on this beautiful place. The first arch me and Bowen build together while the second one we did in a great team of four, thanks again for your help Bowen, Chelsea and Karl.